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Youth care Mangement

The Department of Youth care at the College plays a prominent role in building the personality of the university student through his practice of student activities, which provide students with the opportunity to acquire new experiences and skills through the Students’ Union. This department provides the following services to students:

Responsible for organizing and supervising student activities.

Providing a clear mechanism for student activities and care.

Follow-up of student activities since the beginning of the academic year, announcing them, and arranging all the capabilities of each activity.

Follow up on the announcement to students of student support provided through the Social Solidarity Fund.

Preparing a questionnaire at different times to identify the appropriateness of the study schedules and the students’ opinions in the educational process and all the shortcomings in practicing the student activities.

Organizing a reception party for  the new students at the beginning of the new academic year and a farewell party for the final year’s students at the end of the school year.

Distribution of study schedules and examination schedules to students.

Reservation of nutrition bonuses that are provided in the central restaurant of the university.

Organizing a charity exhibition of ready-made garments at reasonable prices.

Participation in orphan’s day, vaccination campaigns and blood donation.

Helping some students who are unable, in cooperation with the Social Solidarity Fund.

Solving the social problems facing ordinary students or those with special needs.

Assisting students in developing their multiple talents and skills.

Helping some students to obtain textbooks and trying to discover students who are academically stumbling.

Providing in-kind gifts to students who excel in student activities.

Granting students of activities certificates of appreciation and financial rewards for their active participation in the activities.

Taking recreational trips.

Organizing summer camps.

Organizing the inauguration ceremony of the Student Union and the conclusion of the activity.

 Organizing acquaintance parties among students.

Opening the field of competition among students in the fields of poetry – wall magazines – artworks such as drawing and handicrafts 0000.

Organizing workshops and training sessions for the teams participating in the activities.

Provides sports clothing to the participating teams in festivals, whether at the university level, other universities, or pharmacy courses.

Attempting to find appropriate solutions for students participating in activities to solve their problems in all aspects of life and at all levels.

Organizing specialized scientific courses such as (first aid – human development – memory power).