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الرئيسية » Staff Members’ duties

Staff Members’ duties

There are self-evident duties that a faculty member must abide by, such as staying away from academic or professional actions that lead to harming the reputation of the university to which he belongs or taking an action that would squander the university’s funds, and not to use the name of the university to serve his self-interest, and not to work outside the university except With the knowledge and consent of the university.

Teaching within the prescribed quorum.

* Additional academic curricula, if necessary.

* Preparing examinations for its subjects.

* Participation with the members of his department in preparing study plans and developing programs for the department.

* Supervising the practical or field side of the requirements of the subjects he studies.

* conducting researches, studies, workshops and participating in collective research in his specialization.

* Supervising the research and the graduate students.

* Guiding and directing university students and graduate students

Communicate with all new in his specialization, and follows up on the latest publications, periodicals and research in his field of specialization.

Carrying out creative writings and targeted analyzes that contribute to the provision of knowledge and community service.

* Participation in the sessions of the various departmental councils, committees and associations in the college and university