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Faculty’s Goals

Faculty’s Goals

1- Preparing a graduate specialized in pharmaceutical sciences who is qualified to compete regionally and globally in practicing and developing the profession of pharmacy through continuing pharmacy education programs.

2- Conducting practical and applied studies and research in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences related to the needs of the labor market and integrated development in society

3- Organizing and holding training courses, seminars and scientific conferences to deepen the concepts of pharmacy and raise the scientific level among specialized cadres

4- Concluding scientific agreements with corresponding bodies and institutions at the local and international levels to exchange scientific experiences.

5- Providing methods of publication and scientific research in various fields of specialization

Clinical Pharmacy Program

The rise of the program:

The clinical pharmacy program at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Sohag University was activated in 2018, and the college was approved to grant the college a bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences (clinical pharmacy) by the credit hour system.

What is the program about?

The program aims to prepare a graduate familiar with all the requirements of the pharmacy profession and all modern technologies to prepare a distinguished pharmacist to work in public and private pharmacies, pharmaceutical factories and companies, research laboratories, drug control and food analysis, and work in the field of media, marketing, research and universities

This program highlights the role of the pharmacist in providing appropriate health care to the patient inside and outside hospitals, by following up on the treatment system and studying the principles of drug kinetics and drug interactions and their applications in treatment in different disease states to determine the appropriate doses. Thus, the clinical pharmacist has an active role in the health care team of doctors and assisting bodies in order to ensure the optimal selection of the drug, determine the appropriate dose according to the condition of each patient, ensure the use of the drug in the proper manner, track its therapeutic effect, solve drug problems that may occur during use, and provide the necessary drug advice to the health care team, the patient and all components of society

The importance of the clinical pharmacy program lies in the following:

The scarcity of the clinical pharmacist compared to the pharmacist who graduated from the general program

The graduate’s suitability to the needs of the labor market in Egypt and the Arab countries

Developing university education in line with the events of educational systems globally

Conditions for joining the program

The student must have a high school diploma, scientific section, or its equivalent, and be among those admitted to the College of Pharmacy.